Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2008 FOR ME!!!

Year's forecast - was majorly around material success and an optimistic love partnership. Am not referring to Pinar's cup reading alone it was also on yahoo but unfortunately nothing happened. So my hopes lie in 2009 (I am not optimistic man... I have no choice)

Best moments of the year -
1. Time spent with Pinar (and of course Shilla, Prerana (Jr), Nani (Pratibha), and Naureen)

2. Receiving my parents at the airport
3. Trip to LIPS
4. My ex-roomie's (Prathima & Mahesh) son Abhinav calling me 'atha' (aunt) for the first time over the phone

Dream come true: Zeenath (my Toyota Rav4)

Greatest Gain: Natie

Greatest Loss: Natie

Greatest Shock: Highest score on Karaoke at Jr. & Nani's place

Greatest Surprise: Chickenpox!!!

Most Unforgettable moment: Freaking Nanijaan on MSN Messenger (I AM WATCHING YOU... booo!!!)

Most Embarassing moment: Falling asleep on the chair at Natie's place watching Love Actually after making a big deal about wanting to watch it.

Weddings in the Family: 1

Deaths in the Family: 2

New Habit: Iced Lemon Tea / Zeera water

Lost Habit: None

Oath for the coming year: Be less of a workaholic and try to have more fun

Hope for the coming year: Find my lost childhood friend and sweet heart (Anita aka Jojo) - last I heard from her was back in 1996 or 1997 when she got married, she FOUND me to invite me for her wedding. Then somehow we lost each other again.

Favorite Movie: Mamma Mia (am crazy about this one)

All this new stuff for 2008 is all good and fine but I still am my own self and havent grown one bit and refuse to grow or unlearn anything that I have learnt so far. My Friends will still be my priority no. 1, and I will always love to drive, and play video games when am alone, and dance when am drunk, and laugh at myself as well as try my best to make people around me laugh at every possible thing under the sun.

- NOT another 'simple southy'.... Just call me a Madrasi...

Keep the Cheer!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Their Lil Girl....

It's been a few years and YES, I have really grown
In words and in actions this world has been my own.
They find me in a distance and lock me with a smile
I know this is an arrest with no bail for quite a while.

They know I havent eaten, or slept enough too well
I wonder what's in them, that can just look at us and tell.
I heard them plan my days for me, twas like a gushing swirl,
Will let them take o'er just a bit, afterall - I'm their lil girl.

- Sheba
p.s. Everything that rhymes is necessarily not Poetry...

Keep the Cheer!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Expressions - The Loudest Silence

If I knew what you know
It'll be easy to let you go;
But Life isn't far away
To let friends go astray;
I've turned my world around
Lookin for answers I haven't found;
To give up is never my game
I try, but it's not the same;
Yet I deny it like a fool
Just to play it by your rule;
When everything's said and done
I pray that you have won!!

- Sheba
p.s. Everything that rhymes is necessarily not Poetry...

Keep the Cheer!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Expressions - My Fairy Tale

If I could dream my fairy tale
Of a little angel so fair and pale
She'll walk my world with footsteps rare
The softest ones to my aware.

I'll reach above and bring the moon
When she is tired and sleeps too soon
I'll set the stars to twinkle bright
Lest she wakes when still it's night.

She'll hold my hands and walk me through
The roughest storms and when I'm blue
She'll watch me sleep when my time is due
Until the call, I will watch her too!

- Sheba
p.s. Everything that rhymes is necessarily not Poetry...

Keep the Cheer!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Expressions - A Prayer to Myself

I pray to myself, no regrets to keep;
Or bitter hurt feelings, in silence to weep.
I pray and I wish there is no more to say,
Of hardness in people or experiences my way.

There will be times that might run me down.
Yet, I wish that my forehead will bear no frown.
I want to know that the same person in me,
Lives and walks out there for others to see.

I look at the skies and quietly hope,
Life isn't a struggle to fight and to cope,
Or lose any wishes I so earnestly sought,
And Never to be What I'm really Not!!

- Sheba
p.s. Everything that rhymes is necessarily not Poetry...

Keep the Cheer!!!

Expresssions - To Have and To Hold

I watched two people walk hand in hand,
Is this a love so carefully planned?
Will they find the same fingers to hold so tight,
When differences in life ends up in a fight?

I smiled with them and hoped they will
Find each other, despite the churn of the mill;
Are they friends or lovers, just holding the sail?
Or will he kiss her dearly, when he lifts her veil?

They passed me by with no clue that I wished -
A lasting togetherness that I so fully dished;
Don't fight and lose the battle called Life;
But win each moment of your Love with strife!

I planted their future with just a few seeds;
And blessed them a life with intended deeds.
And I'll save these wishes in my magic wand,
For another sweet couple, walking hand in hand.

p.s. Everything that rhymes is necessarily not Poetry...

Keep the Cheer!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home!!

It was a rainy day and I was so apprehensive to drive to DC. I made sure I had my driving directions ready before anything else, and yes the rest of the paper work I would need to take with me. It was not as bad as I expected until I reached the Dupont Circle, and hell yes that's a good name for that center of the city. I did go in circles around Dupont like only 6 times before I took the right left turn - mamma mia!

I finally saw the place I had targeted and of course to no surprise there was no parking within the building. The security at the entrance was dressed in full suit. I was expecting a more traditional outfit including a turban maybe!!! I drove by him and asked to see if there was any legal parking around the place. Now I was not surprised when he sounded really unhelpful. Park in some available legal space he said, yes of course Sir... but where? Hello!! Oh well, I quickly realized it's no use talking to him. I did find a legal spot in a diplomatic area (no am not one of them)... but temporarily I had no choice but to be one.

I parked my car and instructed my beloved to be careful and not get towed before I returned. I was already tired man! I walked to the building about a few blocks away and realized that I was just in time (about 2 min late) for my 9am appointment. The snobbish security asked me if I had an online appointment. I said 'yeah' and looked away.

About 15 min passed by and the doors were still closed. IST.... 9am - I should've known. I was looking at the door up the flight of stairs to open anytime, while the security kept looking down at the side of the building. There were stairs leading into the dark someplace below and he kept smiling and nodding at someone down there. I took a few steps past him and looked down the flight of dark stairs and to my shock there were a few people waiting in line outside the door down there.

As I moved down the steps, Mr.security brisked ahead of me and stood in line as well. He wasnt the security I thought he was. He was ahead of me waiting in line. This office was unmanned from the out.... no harm! I was about 4th in line and slowly people joined us. The man behind me was fanning himself feverishly with his file, oblivious to the fact that he was hitting my head every single time. I was beginning to lose my patience. It was a working day, and I wanted to get this over and done with and go back to earning my bread and butter. I dont want no fights - not here. We could have used some benches outside while we waited for the 9am appointment until 9:30. Oh well, at least the 2 elephant statues outside felt like 'home' and were very 'comforting'.

The door opened finally and people walked in making conscious effort to stop them from jumping anybody else in line. It's such a natural instinct that its so hard to hide when we get together - especially in such places. The wending machine was so dirty outside that it would be lethal to buy a drink from it. Not that I was thirsty... I could have used the restroom but did not dare try. Will wait another couple of hours until I get back... really.

As we waited on our seats inside, the head hitter walked up to the gentleman next to me and asked him if he would sign some form as witness. Witness to what? I wondered.... As the guy signed and printed his address under his signature, I was beginning to get the feeling that I might be a second target. And I was right. Head hitter walks to me and requests me to sign his form as second witness... oh baby... yeah right!!! I was already containing myself from blasting him outside for hitting my head constantly with his file.... so this was my moment.

I looked at him like one would look at any stranger and fixed my eyes glaringly into his. "Excuse Me? I dont even know you. This is a legal document I assume, right?" He nods yes. "Am not gonna sign any paper for you or reveal my address to a stranger. SORRY!" He said never mind and walked to another guy for help. The gentleman next to me stood up and looked at his wife who was staring at him already in anger. He did get the message loud and clear both from me and her. He followed the head hitter and asked to strike his signature off and his address as well. 'Good Morning' I thought to myself. He almost grabbed the form from his hand and struck through it. Head hitter had to leave his business unfinished - the form was of no use anymore. I made sure I did not look his way until he left the building. One Down from behind me... 3 more to go ahead of me.

The Counter opened and the first person in line was called. I had the fear of an examination settling on me slowly. I did feel a little sick as this began. The first victim went forward and placed his file on the counter. The Lady scrutinized his documents and said loudly, "You missed to fill in your middle name". The victim was as surprised as me back in my chair. I did not fill in my middle name either. The online form did not ask for a middle name!?!? DUDE!

It was almost like the current victim heard my thoughts and repeated the same to her. As I was trying to recollect the online form I spaced out for a few seconds when loud arguments snapped me out of my trance. The victim and the Lady were yelling and screaming at each other. "Why cant I hand type my middle name in the form?" he shouted and she responded back saying, "Go ask the Indian Government that question". Oh geez!! Now I have to find the "Indian Government" to get this answer, I better sneak out without embarrassing myself. Exactly when I was planning an escape the Lady asked for some one else to bring their form to check and I just stood to LEAVE. The timing was so IMPERFECT and she beckoned for me. Oh God please save me from this torture I thought. "Show me your form" she demanded. I knew I already failed the test, so why even bother to correct my paper, yo!??

I disclosed to everyone in the room that I had made the same mistake even before I handed my file over to her. "Sorry Madam, we cant accept your application either" she stated. ALRIGHT I was just leaving myself anyways. I dare reveal my true feelings to her... I smiled and said Sure - no problem ma'am. Thanks!

As I walked out the building I hoped that head hitter wasnt waiting outside for me... one battle at a time. Today I had just too many and it wasnt even 9:45am. I felt better when I saw my car was still safe in the diplomatic parking space. I jumped in, and drove as fast as I possibly can within the destined speed limit inside DC. I just got lost again like another 6 times before I hit the highway back to VA.

I will have to go back another day, with my middle name typed on the online application. But for now, I wont think of it.... am safe heading towards work and driving away from the Indian Embassy. My passport can be renewed another day. For now, my life is back to normalcy!!!

- NOT another 'simple southy'.... Just call me a Madrasi...

Keep the Cheer!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Girls Day In... Part 2

Finally twas time to go to bed... it had dawned already I guess!!!

Homey suggested to Womanizer's favor that we all sleep on the floor in the living room so Womanizer can take her turns with everyone to..... (wink) WHATEVER!!!

Plans changed and Superstar and Seductress took a bedroom, while Lovestruck took the couch and Homey, Pervert and Womaniser took the other bed. sometime less than an hour of going to bed, Womanizer sneaks out of the bed and...... very decently (unlike what everyone thinks her to be) goes and takes the other 2 seater to sleep on. Pervert though did not believe her and questioned her in the morning if she went to share the bed with Seductress.... HELL NO!! I mean NOT YET!!!

Lovestruck wakes first and calls her man, while Womanizer wakes Superstar with a bear bear bear hug.... Seductress orders that Womanizer makes her her morning coffee... am not your man yet.. hello!!! Womanizer being the gentle one she always is, makes Seductress her morning coffee and the two step out of the house with their coffee for a quality time together.

superstar is meanwhile ready to go to Dunkin Donuts for her munchkins.... oooooooohhhhhh!! those chocolate munchkins baby!!! Womanizer drives Superstar to Dunkin Donuts and gets offered ONE Cinnamon covered Munchkin..... (that's as good as shooting Womanizer on her butt).... she managed to exchange the fuckin cinnamon with a Chocolate and ended up regretting that for the rest of the day as Superstar mentions to every one that she shared her munchkins with Womanizer just cos she dint want to share them with anyone else... ONE CHOCOLATE MUNCHKIN.... just ONE!!

Well.... forget that cos Superstar then made Turkish Coffee for the rest and read their fortune for them.... very diligently. I know how tiring reading the cup can be.... And I do belive in it sweetie!!!

There were some good things and some really hot things.... Seductress almost had a triple X rated fortune in her cup... God!! and you dare name others......

Homey had some promises, Lovestruck had some huge ....., Pervert had a big move to make, Womanizer had some hope, and Seductress had a great future... it was the most solemn hours of bonding, love and care that was shared by the group.

Finally, it was time to have an early dinner..... THE MAN was invited as well and Superstar's favorite eat out was visited. Lovestruck bid an early goodbye to get to work.... and the rest spent the next few hours eating in silence. Never has the world seen 5 women together so quiet.... it was time to say goodbye. Hugs, kisses and tears just ended the day, but not our lives together!!


- NOT another 'simple southy'.... Just call me a Madrasi...

Keep the Cheer!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


(Girls Day IN) Part 1

My dear superstar was arriving that saturday and we planned (honestly WENT WITH THE FLOW) to have this homecomin party for her.

The evening started with this lovely, very close to 'her' heart - male stripper at the parking lot showing some bare chest for us... and ever since that moment, it was a one way ticket to eternal bliss....

I did get a nasty name by a long lost one... tho my superstar calls me Bastard, the new name was very touching. And am glad my Jr. was named as well so here we go and I named the rest - and you know who you are:


And ALL of the above under ONE roof... for 24 unfuckinbelievable hours!!!

Superstar as usual was the center of attention and that will always be the case.... Homey and Pervert, being the hostesses quickly fixed the Martinis and opened the beer and brought out the chicken wings and ordered the food in no time. THE PARTY HAD BEGUN!!!!

Lovestruck was clicking pictures and setting the table all this time, as womanizer sat wondering if all this was really for REAL....

Seductress had gone off on a 'catch up and get current' agenda with Superstar and dint want to be distracted.... we shud all give her the time to get into the groove, afterall it's her homecoming as well!!!

After dinner began the dance.... womanizer sat watching the girls sway to the music and just enjoyed seein her little girls let it go wild. The moves slowly seemed to get a little sexy and had nothin to do with the damn music. Was it the alcohol or was Womanizer living up to her name??? No can't be... better to get on the floor and not be able to witness this scene.... bloody hell with you women - she joins....

Womanizer then convinces Pervert (with no great difficulty) to play an adult game.... 'lets be a couple'.... and both of them said a silent prayer that Seductress should NOT pick the other!!! AND both their prayers were answered.... Seductress picked Lovestruck.

There was some spanking (and 'SHE' that wanted to be spanked actually named me and my Jr).... some sexy dancing and some decent dancing (of course by the Womanizer)... and why did Homey say that womanizer was the most dangerous one when she picked her name???

Girls have their hearthole inside their farthole and sit on their brains... or WHAT? Cant u identify family material??????

Just when the group went into another frenzy of dance moves.... Lovestruck goes off online trying to reach her man. I am sure she is aware that the I am Not Normal group is for Single women and she seems to have bought the ticket for the way out... well, buhbye!!!

Homey is all this time, playing music and taking pictures and videos and capturing every moment of the reunion. Such a doll!!!!

Superstar and Seductress are swaying away to glory while Pervert seems to be falling slowly in luv.... huh huh huh!! and Womanizer is planning to break that 'chemistry'.... This is sooooo not happening... the one she proposed to and the one she intends to propose to are both going off on a spree!!! oh well... we shall see!!!!

It's time for some cultural sensitivity (whatever that means to ppl like us??)... so we play some ugandan music and ONE - I seriously mean ONE tamil song. Seductress decides to join womanizer and I hear others say it was so fast and energetic while all Seductress has to say was the 'South' Indian dance hurt her tummy.... I THEE FORGIVE!!!

Womanizer and Superstar zonk out for an hour or so... the rest (esp. Pervert and Seductress) must have had some real quality time making the most of the moment - but not for too long!! Superstar and Womanizer woke and took the floor again. Homey was still such a hostess making sure she was into dancing AND capturing memorable moments for the group. Lovestruck was getting a little spaced out missing her man... and was kinda acting like a DJ but actually trying to email or text him online and wake him up from his sleep..... she finally called him and succeeded in having him get horny as well by makin the girls howl into the phone.... is this how you girls give a clue.... howl to raise the 'junior' - I mean Not my Jr... I dont have one, YES I do have one but not THAT kinda one I meant to say... Dont make me repeat or explain this.

So went the night with many great long hugs, many smooches, many moves, many laughters and many many memorable memories as well....

To be Continued... Part II

- NOT another 'simple southy'.... Just call me a Madrasi...

Keep the Cheer!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

On Courtesy

Of late, I hear people complain that we have lost the ability to be kind or courteous. I don't think so. I think the world is too Kind and courteous to an extent that it is annoying. You'll know exactly what I mean when someone asked you in the break room "how you doing?" when you have this serious preoccupied look on your face and you really want to say "Fucked Up - do you really care, and can you really help?" but have to say... "Am fine, thanks. And you?". Just get your coffee and leave. Don't bother me, right?

I also hate it when people open the door and wait for you when you are like 5 feet away and actually have to double up your speed FOR them. Just keep moving man... I am not in a hurry and whenever I get to the door I can open it myself. What the hell is wrong with you people?

Above all I hate the courtesy we need to maintain at theatres. Do people actually wait till at least 10 people laugh so they can all join the crowd? I sometimes find things amusing that unfortunately the rest don't - and I have to hide the amusement inside a chuckle just to be 'courteous'. Why can't I laugh aloud and not worry about being rude?

All this is beyond me. But I agree, am just an odd ball. And rightly to Judie's gift to me - I AM diagonally parked in a Parallel Universe - and it is my problem not yours!

So be Kind and love the world!!!

- NOT another 'simple southy'.... Just call me a Madrasi...

Keep the Cheer!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

What's in a Name?

I was told (by my parents of course) that I was named after a very wise & intelligent Queen (from Biblical times).

That is a LIE.

'Sheba' was not the name of the Queen but the name of the place she ruled - she was not Queen Sheba but Queen OF Sheba. I could forgive that... but for the fact that a real character named Sheba in the Bible is a Man AND a Servant - not even a bloody King. There goes the glamor of my name down the drain.

My middle name is Emily. It was given to me after my Great Aunt. Now, Aunt Emily was educated in Britain and had a 'real' English accent. I, on the other hand, am struggling to live with an English name speaking in Anglo-Indian accent.... man!!!
I actually catch people wiping the smirk off their face when I introduce myself to them as 'Emily' - Yeah Right!!! So what is your real name??? My brown ass and my English name don't gel so well - after all.

I also have another second middle name. My parents must have got tired or bored by now at the christening ceremony I guess... and they decided to name me after my Father's great grandmother.... and called me 'Rathnabai'.... swear I have no gujju ties here (at least not with my name). Note it ends with a bai, NOT bhai. And oh, JUST heard from my friend that this is again a common name for servant maids in Maharastra!! WTF??????
Dressing the way I dress, and talking the way I talk, I would have preferred a good anglo indian stud name for a second middle.... something like - hmmm.... Sheba Emily Dominic?!?!?! Daniel....

And of course, my family name is 'Daniel'. If you've been really close to me you must have listened to all the horror stories of the Daniel clan. C'mon now, all families have a dark side to it.... ours would have probably shocked the living hell out of your guts a little. I agree, Alfred Hitchcock could never run out of a plot with the Daniel clan - but I AM one and will remain proud to be one (p.s. I have no choice...).

So, what's in a Name then? Shakespeare could have been smoking pot when he said "That which we call a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet"!!!! cos anything else by the name of Rose may NOT be just as beautiful.... - BUT I agree...... I would be just as weird no matter what I was called.

- NOT another 'simple southy'.... Just call me a Madrasi...

Keep the Cheer!!