Sunday, September 25, 2011

He is an extension of Me.... (Peek into my Me-Time!!)

Here's the sequel to the sequel written by Kriti on "FOB: Me-Time".... I thought I must add some perspective to the most vied Me-Time for someone like me... a single working immigrant.

It was one of those days in the North Eastern Coast where summer and fall meet with a friendly smile. One of those rare days where you don't need the AC or the Heater - gorgeous natural temperature inside your home... a perfect 73 deg when I went to bed last night. By 3am it was getting a lot chillier than expected.... uuurrrrgghhhh!!! WHY cant they have those freaking thermostat controls in every room?? I have to make good with the cotton sheets, scrambling myself to create some heat. HE refuses to get up and go downstairs to turn the heat up for me. What a sucker!! I curse under my breath and cuddle into a ball... oh nooooo it's monday again!!?!?!?

6:30am - First alarm helps start the day in French!
7:00am - Second alarm drags me out of bed!
7:15am - Miss myself screaming at my mom for my BED Coffee!!
7:45am - Jump into the shower and rush to work
8:30am to 7:00pm - meetings, reviews, meetings, answer stupid questions, read meeting minutes, schedule more meetings... to discuss future meetings!!
7:30pm - HE is tired too and forgets to stop at the grocery store
8:00pm - I realize we ran out of eggs and milk and HE is so indifferent. Fix something quick for dinner, Curse Him more under my breath (I could use some help)....
8:30pm - muster up the last fews ounces of energy left in my body to call my Parents and sound chirpy enough not to worry them.
9:00pm - Me Time to read a book... my eyes hurt and am exhausted.... F this... I will read during the weekend!!
9:30pm - sloshed and dreaming of the weekend....

Repeat until Friday!!!

And FINALLY comes the long awaited Weekend!!! Friday Night... is what I refer to when I say weekend.... just Friday night!!!
9:30pm - am not so sloshed. The night is young!!!
And then of course it ends like all good things when I wake up on Saturday. urrrrggghhhh... Work during the week and Chores during the weekend!! wtf?
I wake up with a list of chores for the days (sat & sun). He doesn't do a thing without me.... so it's not like we can divide and conquer... I'll take care of everything INSIDE the house while He takes care of everything OUTSIDE the house - sounds perfect!! But oh no, not for me. If I weren't this cool (wink) - I'd find myself somewhere between Mid-life crisis and Menopause during these 2 days!!!

Grocery shopping
Clean the Kitchen
Clean the toilets
Fold the laundry
Press clothes for work
Vaccum the house
Cut the lawn
Remember to call the plumber to fix the leak
Make sure the bills are paid
Call that freaking credit card company and challenge that unexpected fee
Delete some recorded shows that I haven't had time to watch cos the DVR is running out of space
Call Family and Friends back home (and oh remember to be chirpy now!!)
Make a checklist of all the missed calls that I HAVE to return
Update FB status with some stupid quote so my friends know am still alive
Do the dishes
Beat myself up for something I forgot to remind myself...
and finally...
...Read a book?!?!?!? Me-Time... (it's already 9:30pm Sunday night - time to go to bed feeling SLOSHED again)

One day, you just wake up with a halo and wonder what this is all about? Life means much much more than just scrambling around like drunken squirrels. At least squirrels seem to be happy running around like that - they do know what they are looking for right?

One of my so-called good friends (a married couple with a kid) called me a few years ago and asked for some favor. I said I will try to find some time that weekend to get it done. They replied "What dyu mean you will TRY to find time?? What work do you have to do? You arent married... you don't have kids, you live a FREE life!!". I said, "Uhmmm lemme call you right back." and deleted their phone number and went right back to fixing my lunch. Good people, YES... but then who isn't? I like REAL people. The ones that don't underestimate the life or the struggles of another. The ones that believe in the saying "the grass is always green on the other side"... because that is most likely the truth.

I can safely speak for all the beautiful courageous single women out there... who are both Man and Woman of their homes - WE NEED OUR ME-TIME!!!! Contrary to what people may think of the "Free" single life... let's go actually find some "free" time to read a book, watch a movie, call a friend, or just take a power nap on Sunday afternoon... FIND your Free-Time and make it your Me-Time.

Mine, is between noon and 1pm at work.... when everyone's having lunch - I read my book. My Me-Time is food for thought!!!!

- NOT another 'simple southy'.... Just call me a Madrasi...

Keep the Cheer!!!