Tuesday, April 29, 2008


(Girls Day IN) Part 1

My dear superstar was arriving that saturday and we planned (honestly WENT WITH THE FLOW) to have this homecomin party for her.

The evening started with this lovely, very close to 'her' heart - male stripper at the parking lot showing some bare chest for us... and ever since that moment, it was a one way ticket to eternal bliss....

I did get a nasty name by a long lost one... tho my superstar calls me Bastard, the new name was very touching. And am glad my Jr. was named as well so here we go and I named the rest - and you know who you are:


And ALL of the above under ONE roof... for 24 unfuckinbelievable hours!!!

Superstar as usual was the center of attention and that will always be the case.... Homey and Pervert, being the hostesses quickly fixed the Martinis and opened the beer and brought out the chicken wings and ordered the food in no time. THE PARTY HAD BEGUN!!!!

Lovestruck was clicking pictures and setting the table all this time, as womanizer sat wondering if all this was really for REAL....

Seductress had gone off on a 'catch up and get current' agenda with Superstar and dint want to be distracted.... we shud all give her the time to get into the groove, afterall it's her homecoming as well!!!

After dinner began the dance.... womanizer sat watching the girls sway to the music and just enjoyed seein her little girls let it go wild. The moves slowly seemed to get a little sexy and had nothin to do with the damn music. Was it the alcohol or was Womanizer living up to her name??? No can't be... better to get on the floor and not be able to witness this scene.... bloody hell with you women - she joins....

Womanizer then convinces Pervert (with no great difficulty) to play an adult game.... 'lets be a couple'.... and both of them said a silent prayer that Seductress should NOT pick the other!!! AND both their prayers were answered.... Seductress picked Lovestruck.

There was some spanking (and 'SHE' that wanted to be spanked actually named me and my Jr).... some sexy dancing and some decent dancing (of course by the Womanizer)... and why did Homey say that womanizer was the most dangerous one when she picked her name???

Girls have their hearthole inside their farthole and sit on their brains... or WHAT? Cant u identify family material??????

Just when the group went into another frenzy of dance moves.... Lovestruck goes off online trying to reach her man. I am sure she is aware that the I am Not Normal group is for Single women and she seems to have bought the ticket for the way out... well, buhbye!!!

Homey is all this time, playing music and taking pictures and videos and capturing every moment of the reunion. Such a doll!!!!

Superstar and Seductress are swaying away to glory while Pervert seems to be falling slowly in luv.... huh huh huh!! and Womanizer is planning to break that 'chemistry'.... This is sooooo not happening... the one she proposed to and the one she intends to propose to are both going off on a spree!!! oh well... we shall see!!!!

It's time for some cultural sensitivity (whatever that means to ppl like us??)... so we play some ugandan music and ONE - I seriously mean ONE tamil song. Seductress decides to join womanizer and I hear others say it was so fast and energetic while all Seductress has to say was the 'South' Indian dance hurt her tummy.... I THEE FORGIVE!!!

Womanizer and Superstar zonk out for an hour or so... the rest (esp. Pervert and Seductress) must have had some real quality time making the most of the moment - but not for too long!! Superstar and Womanizer woke and took the floor again. Homey was still such a hostess making sure she was into dancing AND capturing memorable moments for the group. Lovestruck was getting a little spaced out missing her man... and was kinda acting like a DJ but actually trying to email or text him online and wake him up from his sleep..... she finally called him and succeeded in having him get horny as well by makin the girls howl into the phone.... is this how you girls give a clue.... howl to raise the 'junior' - I mean Not my Jr... I dont have one, YES I do have one but not THAT kinda one I meant to say... Dont make me repeat or explain this.

So went the night with many great long hugs, many smooches, many moves, many laughters and many many memorable memories as well....

To be Continued... Part II

- NOT another 'simple southy'.... Just call me a Madrasi...

Keep the Cheer!!