Saturday, May 10, 2008


Girls Day In... Part 2

Finally twas time to go to bed... it had dawned already I guess!!!

Homey suggested to Womanizer's favor that we all sleep on the floor in the living room so Womanizer can take her turns with everyone to..... (wink) WHATEVER!!!

Plans changed and Superstar and Seductress took a bedroom, while Lovestruck took the couch and Homey, Pervert and Womaniser took the other bed. sometime less than an hour of going to bed, Womanizer sneaks out of the bed and...... very decently (unlike what everyone thinks her to be) goes and takes the other 2 seater to sleep on. Pervert though did not believe her and questioned her in the morning if she went to share the bed with Seductress.... HELL NO!! I mean NOT YET!!!

Lovestruck wakes first and calls her man, while Womanizer wakes Superstar with a bear bear bear hug.... Seductress orders that Womanizer makes her her morning coffee... am not your man yet.. hello!!! Womanizer being the gentle one she always is, makes Seductress her morning coffee and the two step out of the house with their coffee for a quality time together.

superstar is meanwhile ready to go to Dunkin Donuts for her munchkins.... oooooooohhhhhh!! those chocolate munchkins baby!!! Womanizer drives Superstar to Dunkin Donuts and gets offered ONE Cinnamon covered Munchkin..... (that's as good as shooting Womanizer on her butt).... she managed to exchange the fuckin cinnamon with a Chocolate and ended up regretting that for the rest of the day as Superstar mentions to every one that she shared her munchkins with Womanizer just cos she dint want to share them with anyone else... ONE CHOCOLATE MUNCHKIN.... just ONE!!

Well.... forget that cos Superstar then made Turkish Coffee for the rest and read their fortune for them.... very diligently. I know how tiring reading the cup can be.... And I do belive in it sweetie!!!

There were some good things and some really hot things.... Seductress almost had a triple X rated fortune in her cup... God!! and you dare name others......

Homey had some promises, Lovestruck had some huge ....., Pervert had a big move to make, Womanizer had some hope, and Seductress had a great future... it was the most solemn hours of bonding, love and care that was shared by the group.

Finally, it was time to have an early dinner..... THE MAN was invited as well and Superstar's favorite eat out was visited. Lovestruck bid an early goodbye to get to work.... and the rest spent the next few hours eating in silence. Never has the world seen 5 women together so quiet.... it was time to say goodbye. Hugs, kisses and tears just ended the day, but not our lives together!!


- NOT another 'simple southy'.... Just call me a Madrasi...

Keep the Cheer!!