Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chokher Bali

If I could be 'something'...

I would chose to be an ocean
and give back all that drowned.
I would chose to be that raindrop
That first hits the desert ground.
I would be the darkest chapter
Of the story that was never told.
I would be the warmest moonlight
That guards you from every cold.
I would be a bird with broken wings
And give up my freedom to fly.
I would be all and everything for you...
Except that speck of sand in your eye!!

- NOT another 'simple southy'.... Just call me a Madrasi...

p.s. Everything that rhymes is necessarily not Poetry...

Keep the Cheer!!


Sulekha said...

Lovely, beautiful poem and love the punchline, everything that rhymes is not poetry.

Sheba said...

thanks Sulekha... ;)
am still juvenile with my writing... i like them to rhyme!! lol