Monday, February 21, 2011

Letter to GOD

Dear Father,
How are you? You would think I won't have much to write since I talk to you every day and every night. But no, I do.

First - What in heaven were you thinking when you created me? OR did you simply outsource me? I don't seem to fit the norm out here. Just curious...

Who created all the Laws of Life on Earth? Do the other planets have similar laws or are they different based on Species?

I misunderstood that human laws were created to STOP Hate... and not STOP Love. Where did I go wrong? Or Where did my Love go wrong?

If you are the Father to all creations, and love everyone just the same - Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Black, White, Yellow, Men and Women... Why is there injustice?

How do you ration smiles and tears for each person?

And last but never the least, Who is my partner? Did you forget a count?

Will call you before I go to bed tonight as usual.

Take care of us. I love you!

- NOT another 'simple southy'.... Just call me a Madrasi...

Keep the Cheer!!!


sulekkha said...

Chokher, you write with so much of your heart and soul that it touches all who read them. God does ration tears and smiles for all but we overspend at times.

Sheba said...

In that case, my friend, I think I overspent my smiles... and all I have left now is just tears!!! ;)