Monday, January 17, 2011

Expressions - Is this LOVE?

The day I woke up next to you and forgot the rest of the world ever existed.
The night I wished would never dawn and the kiss I wished would never end.
The times I watched you sleep in peace on my shoulder… and hated my clock for ticking so loudly.
The moment I stifled a sneeze, just so I don’t wake you up from your dreams - hoping you were dreaming about me.
The times you said “No” and I said “Ok” and the times I wanted to say “No” but still said “Ok”.
The times I cried and din’t feel weak for I know I showed you that I am ‘real’.
The times you cried and I felt like I drowned and just died in your tears.
The times your simple smile lit up my sky with a billion stars on a sunny day.
The times your touch melted my heart in the dead winter night.
The times you held me and I disappeared into nowhere.
The screaming silence inside my mind and the silent screams of my soul – both calling your name with a never ending passion.
I saw it, I heard it, I felt it and I lost it – all in you. 

If this is not what they call “Love” then "what is this"?

- NOT another 'simple southy'.... Just call me a Madrasi...

Keep the Cheer!!!


sulekkha said...'s not love but much more than's hopeless devotion y friend

Sheba said...

So you agree this is hopelss ;) So much for Chokher!!

rimly said...

Oh God! Reading it I have a lump in my throat. The passion and intensity overwhelmed me Chokher. I could completely identify with it. This is how hopelessly and passionately we love. Cheers to us!

Sheba said...

Love u lots Rimly. Thank u for identifying with me...