Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Found and Lost!!!

Hi... You look very familiar...
Have we met before my sweet love?
Have I kissed you before we even met.
Is that fear in your eyes?
Oh no, come a little closer.
Let me hear you breathe in my ears.
Do you feel me respond to it?
Yes, that's my perfume you smell.
Does it help calm you down?
Or does it make your heart beat faster?

This is Home, this is where you belong.
Wake up, eat, rest and sleep with me.
Let's make memories together...
Because that's what you will give me.
Let's walk a little further hand in hand.
Enjoy the mountains, the ocean and the snow.
Is this a crossroad? I am confused now.
Did we walk here or did we just meet here?
I hear the church bells ring, you must go.
No, I cant make babies. GOD makes them.

I wake up on my couch, I did not sleep here.
Or maybe I did cos the house looks shrunk.
What time is it? 3 in the morning already?
I pray for a new day. Do I say PLEASE or THANK YOU?
It don't make any difference no more, does it?
Life is stretched out inside a tunnel - I don't see the light.
I lost my mind, did I also lose my phone? I don't care for it.
I just know I have to make a difference but where do I begin?
If I were BLIND, or disabled in another way, I may have an excuse.
No I don't have a choice, I must go on. The road only ends when I stop!!!

- NOT another 'simple southy'.... Just call me a Madrasi...

Keep the Cheer!!!


Dagney Wants It All said...


It made me smile. It made me frown. It made me laugh. It made me cry.

Sheba said...

did it make you sleep???

Dagney Wants It All said...

Lol! Yes, I slept soundly. Maybe I am learning to live with the tragedy. On the other hand, this was more like a scenic roller-coaster with some scary hills, whereas some earlier things you wrote were more like a bloody slaughter.

Sheba said...

scary hills?? lol
The mountains are peaceful on the other hand... sleep better!!